Super Saiyan 4 Goku – A Dragon Stars Review

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I have written a review. I have been really busy with RL work and home life. This review is for the much anticipated Super Saiyan 4 Goku from the Dragon Stars action figure line produced by Bandai.

The Dragon Stars line is easily a hit or miss action figure line. The last wave with the Build-A-Figure for Broly was a real dud. For starters, the wave was just a rehash of the previous wave, with each figure sporting their powered down state, except Super Saiyan Gohan (which could be considered powered down from Ultimate Gohan) and Ultra Instinct Goku. Secondly, the BAF of Broly was really, really bad. It was like they didn’t even try to give us a good figure to build, thus justifying the purchase of 5 of the same figures in this wave that were in the last wave (just with different heads).

Looking at this wave, Bandai may have learned from the mistakes they made. They took away the BAF as an incentive for buying sub par action figures and gave us a wave that has a variety of figures that have not been released in the Dragon Stars line, or in a poseable action figure (looking at you Frieza First Form!!!). I am going to be optimistic about this wave, but with a sense of criticism that it deserves due to the past errors.

Box and Accessories

We get the typical Dragon Stars box, which is not a bad thing. The boxes are very high quality and durable. They display well whether sideways showing the picture of the figure or forward-facing with the figure displayed. There are no problems with the boxes. They are way better than the Marvel Legends or the new Star Wars Black Archive boxes.










The accessories are slightly better than those of the past, which makes them acceptable at best. If you have ever bought one of these figures, then you will already know that they typically come with very limited accessories. There is usually just two different pairs of hands, fist hands and blast hands. This figure comes with Goku’s signature Instant Transmission hand and the Super Saiyan 4 forms tail, as well as the two standard types of hands.

This wave is lacking the Build-A-Figure piece, which does allow it to be priced lower than previous figures (depending on where you purchase). This was a retail price of $17.99 from GameStop. This appears to be a sale price as it is listed online at $22.99.

Overall, the box is one of the best for action figures in this price range. The accessories could be better. Even Marvel Legends action figures typically come with a lot more accessories and at the same price point.

Risky Venture with Dragon Ball GT Figure

I have to give Bandai a large amount of respect for daring to put out this figure, especially considering the fact that Dragon Ball GT is looked at as best forgotten. This is even more so since Dragon Ball Super was released as the official sequel to Dragon Ball Z and has become extremely popular with fans of all ages. In essence, any figures from Dragon Ball GT are a risky venture because of the notoriously bad reputation of the show. Even a Goku figure is not immune to the stigma of Dragon Ball GT.

It appears that Bandai took this into consideration when producing this wave. Super Saiyan 4 Goku is the only figure from the Dragon Ball GT anime. The other figures are characters that we have been asking for from different sagas in the Dragon Ball Z anime. It may be reasonable to suggest that if this figure sells well enough, they would produce a Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and possibly a Super Android 17.


This figure’s articulation is actually a bit better than figures from the previous waves. This marks a step forward in the production of these figures at a reasonable price point.

It has the standard single ball peg in the head that allows the head to rotate 360 degrees, but due to the amount of hair in the back, it has limited ability to look up. Goku’s head can look down rather well. The neck has a peg that allows some movement, but limited articulation.

The arms are where this figure makes a few steps forward, particularly the shoulders. They have a butterfly joint that allows the shoulder to move forward, allowing the arms to have a bit more reach to get into the Kamehameha pose. There is a bicep swivel, also.

The elbows are double-jointed and better than 90 degrees. The wrists have a ball peg that allows rotation and swivel to give the figure more options for fighting poses.

The waist articulation is the same as other Dragon Stars figures. It has a lot of ability to move side-to-side, but and ab crunch in non-existent.

The leg articulation is the same also. It has a double-jointed knee that should allow great articulation, but is limited to 90 degrees due to the top joint having minimal movement. The legs have the ability to drop down at the waist, allowing them to move very far forward and backwards. There is a thigh swivel built in to the ball pegs at the top of the legs.

The ankles incorporate the newer ball peg that moves on a swivel, like the wrists. This allows the ankle to have a rocker that the first waves did not have.

This figure has some great poseability when compared to earlier waves, but could still be better than it is. This does not mean it is a bad figure or sub-standard, just that it has room to improve. It is nearly on par with Marvel Legends figures, and definitely better than the Star Wars Black series.

Is It Worth Buying?

When this figure is compared to the last Super Saiyan 4 Goku action figure from the Jakks line, it is definitely worth buying. The articulation is leagues better than that one and the sculpt is great. This figure is an impressive likeness to the anime and on a budget.

Aside from the overall lacking of the Dragon Stars line when compared to its direct competitors, this figure is worth buying, but only at the $20 range. Unless you are an avid collector of this series, I would not advise to buy this for more than regular retail. Third-party sellers will likely buy up as much inventory as possible and try to drive the price of this figure up. Realistically, anything over $25 with tax is unreasonable.

Last Impression

For a much maligned anime series, this figure represents the best of what it was. Super Saiyan 4 Goku is an impressive figure from the Dragon Stars line and a worthy purchase at a reasonable price point. This figure has some better articulation and detail than previous figures, but is not to be considered a premium figure.

The sculpt is great and the overall detailing is something to behold. It gives the impression of a premium figure with a lot of its detail, but the typical faults of the Dragon Stars line keeps it from being so. Overall, it is a good-looking figure.

When compared to the SH Figuarts line (of which the Dragon Stars line is supposed to be a budget version) this figure is out of scale. It is taller and thicker, making it an awkward replacement for an SH Figuarts version. In a pinch, when posed, it may not look too bad next to some of the SH Figuarts line.

This figure gets a solid 8 out of 10. It is worth buying if you are a Dragon Ball fanatic or you actually like (rather than tolerate) Dragon Ball GT.

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  1. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    Both my best friends are really into these things. I’m not a fan of them but my friends are. After going through your post I have decided to order this for my best friends. I really hope they like it. The price is not that expensive, and also the product looks like a quality one.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    • Just Josh says:

      Thanks for the comment!  I like this series in the context that they are a toy, not a collector’s item.  My son and I love to play together and action figures are one of the things that occupy our time.  These are the right price point and theme for us to play together.  They do look cool standing on his shelf when they are not being played with, so that makes him feel like he’s a collector like his daddy, lol.  Hope your friends enjoy them!

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