Star Wars Jedi Costume – A Review of Cosplaysky

I am a huge Star Wars fan. This franchise means a lot to me and because of this, I tend to buy a lot of Star Wars merchandise. For example, I went to buy a sun shade for my car and normally I just get whatever is cheapest. Well, I almost walked out with a plain silver sun shade when I noticed that the Star Wars Millenium Falcon version was less than a buck more. Guess which one I walked out with…Star Wars Sun Shade

Oh yeah, when I put it up, I feel a great sense of nerd pride. This is just one of many Star Wars items that I own and proudly display. Other items would include shirts, action figures, watches, not to mention all the movies (the original trilogy in many different versions), and of course lightsabers.

So, this year when my wife told me that we were going to a Halloween costume party, the first costume that I thought of was a Jedi costume. I went searching the internet for a Jedi costume that was getting great reviews and then checked and rechecked the reviews. The Cosplaysky Star Wars Jedi costume seemed that it would be perfect. One of the reviews recommended the Funtasma cosplay boots and how they were perfect to accompany the costume. So, I bought them and anxiously waited on the delivery.

First Impressions

When the costume arrived, I immediately took it out to try it on. It was a bit confusing when all the pieces were removed because of the overall design. I jumped back online to look at pictures and read a few more detailed reviews about how the costume was put together. Soon I was in my Jedi costume and checking it out in the mirror. I must say, it was disappointing.

My first impression was that it was way too bulky throughout the chest. This was due to the many layers. I was almost willing to let this go considering that with the robe on, the bulkiness was not as noticeable. The shirt was itchy and a bit uncomfortable. This was not as easy to ignore. In addition, the sleeves of the shirt were a bit short although the overall sizing was spot on for me.

The pants were very thin, which was actually OK because of the many layer on the upper portion of the costume. The length was good and the color was right.

The Funtasma boots were a great match to this costume and would have made a great match to a lot of different costumes of similar styling. This recommendation was a great one.

What it Got RightCosplaysky 1

The overall look was good. It closely resembled a Jedi outfit, but on a budget. Now that seems a bit odd to say considering the Jedi were not supposed to be attached to possessions, so their outfits would have been very cheap and easily produced. A great Jedi costume though, that is something that would be costly to the consumer.

The robe was great. The sleeves were long enough to fold my hands together and hide them. The color was great and the weight was just right for extended wear.

The pants were the right thickness and weight. They were a great approximation of the pants of a Jedi outfit. They were comfortable to wear, as well.

What it Got Wrong

The shirt was terrible. It was itchy, the sleeves were too short and it really wasn’t a shirt. It was like a robe that had to be pulled tight around the body and could not be secured by itself. If you moved too much in one direction, twisted, turned, it would quickly come open and expose your upper body. This is not what I would have expected of a costume that was to depict something that a Jedi should be able to wear in the conditions that they must endure.

Instead of being a complete robe, the look for the shoulders was accomplished with two sashes that just slung over each shoulder and were secured at the waist with the belt piece. Again, when twisting or turning, they would fall down over the shoulders and land at the elbows. This made for an awkward ensemble.

The belt piece was cloth like the shirt and wrapped high around the waist and secured with Velcro. This is what was supposed to secure the whole costume together. On top of the belt piece was the cheaply made faux leather belt that was meant to hold items that a Jedi might carry on them.

Sometimes Amazon Reviews Are Just WrongCosplaysky 2

For some reason, this item has over 60% 5-star reviews on Amazon. Maybe I expected too much, but I gave this a 1-star review. I usually purchase items that get over 60% 5-star reviews with confidence and am rarely disappointed. In this case, I was wrong.

The reviews I read and based my decision to purchase this Star Wars Jedi Costume were from people that had a verified purchase, so this was more cause for me to feel confident in my purchase.

I have to say, these positive Amazon reviews are probably from people that were a bit less critical of what they received. A lot of them mentioned things that I didn’t like and their “fixes,” but I just can’t understand the positive spin on the reviews.

Not Recommended By This Reviewer

If you are looking for a great Jedi Cosplay costume, this is not it. If you are looking for something that is OK for the high price point, then I guess this may be what you want. I hate to suggest not buying something that is a Star Wars item, but that’s what I’m going to do.

For me, the negatives just can’t make up for the good of this particular costume. I was very disappointed that I had to find another costume to wear to the Halloween party that my wife and I attended, but that is just what I did. Hope this review helps you make a decision that is right for you.





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