SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z – A Review of Trunks

Hey everyone, here is another SH Figuarts review, this time I am reviewing the new Trunks figure from Dragon Ball Super. So, by now, everyone should get the idea, I love SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z figures. They really are the best representation of the characters from the epic anime/manga series. There are definitely some that are not good or downright terrible, but most are really good. Even the bad ones have their good points.

Dragon Ball has made a huge come back since launching the Super series. We have a bunch of new characters, some new takes on old characters, more transformations and hair color changes and a long list of material that has been retconned to make sense for the new series. Out this month in theaters is the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which has received a Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer score of 83% and an Audience score of 94%. This is better than any of the DCEU movies…even Wonder Woman.

It is no surprise that we are going to continue to get new figures from the Dragon Ball Super series, but it is a genuine pleasure to note that this figure is not just a recolor or slight upgrade, it is a completely new figure that uses the new 2.0 upgrades rather well.

So, let’s get into the review!

Box and Accessories

As I have stated a few times, I like the old boxes better for the SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z line. The new boxes display the character well and show off the accessories, but they just look like a commercial for the figure, on the box. Now I know that is how these things usually work, but the old boxes were muted, had a cool stippled design of the character’s face and had cool colors. As you can see by my header pic, they look cool next to each other. These new boxes, well they are just meh.


The accessories are rather considerable in this release. Included are:

  • 2 heads, one base form and on Super Saiyan form
  • 4 faceplates, 2 for each head
  • 4 1/2 sets of hands, 2 energy blast hands (one w/ peg hole for energy effect), 2 open blast hands, 2 sword hands, 2 fist hands and 1 hand meant for holding the blade of the sword in his hand
  • 1 regular sword and sheath
  • 1 broken sword
  • 1 Sword of Hope effect that is meant to sit on the broken sword
  • a stand for the Sword of Hope effect
  • a Galick Gun energy effect
  • a removable neckerchief that allows the sword sheath strap to be tucked under it


Overall, the accessories are a step in the right direction for this release. The Sword of Hope is cool, but a bit one-dimensional. It can only be displayed one way due to the weight and the type of stand included. It may be possible to try using some other stands that SH Figuarts has released, but I haven’t tried this. The Galick Gun energy effect is a nice addition considering some recent releases have be lacking energy effects.

Updated Design for Dragon Ball Super

Trunks uses the 2.0 body that has been used on all releases since Awakening Goku (except for the convention re-release of Vegetto). His look is ripped straight from the anime, darker blue jacket, neckerchief, blue hair (as opposed to gray) and the gray pants. It is a near perfect duplication of what is seen on screen.

The paint applications are very good on this and there is a lot of detail throughout. The buttons on his jacket are painted and stand out. There is a tear on his left sleeve and the shirt under is painted a different color. The tear on his left leg exposes bare skin and this is painted well with no bleeding through. The skin tone is consistent and looks good. All the paint details on this figure show the effort was put in to give us a great looking release. The only negative is lack of shading. There is some on the hair, but that is about it.

The design is one of the better releases as of late. Trunks looks great and the body feels very solid. There does not seem to be any weak points in the joints. A lot of people were surprised to see that this Future Trunks has blue hair, as opposed to the gray hair that he had in the Dragon Ball Z anime, especially considering that this was the same Future Trunks. I like it. I think it is a nice change and the figure benefits from it.


There are a few small issue with the articulation of this character. Overall, he is easily manipulated into most poses that would be appropriate for him, but there are some limitations.

The neck seems to have a ball hinge at the base, along with the standard SH figuarts ball peg into the head. This allows a lot of movement and ability to pose Trunks head in ways that are lacking on some other figures. The shoulder articulation is a bit limited. He can only raise his arms up to near 90 degrees from the body and the butterfly joint in the shoulder seems to get stuck on something in the body. Even with this, it is still OK. The chest and waist articulation are limited also, but it is still enough to pose. The chest will swivel but does not seem to raise up like other figures. The waist also swivels, and that seems like enough.

Trunks can do front and back splits, but his side to side leg articulation is stuck at about 45 degrees. This does not seem to impede any real posing but it is less than what we have seen with other figures. The hands are on a ball peg and can be articulated well. The feet are on a larger ball peg and have a good amount of forward and back motion. There is also a rocker on the ankle joint that allows some pivot for posing. This is OK.

Overall, the articulation is more than adequate despite some limitations.

List of Pros and Cons


  • A lot of accessories with this release
  • Paint applications are great
  • Colors stand out
  • Able to be posed well
  • Joints are tight and hold

Super Saiyan Trunks w/ Sword of Hope


  • Some limitations in articulation
  • Could have had a better stand for Sword of Hope
  • Would have benefited from more shading
  • Could have had another faceplate for both the Super Saiyan and base head

Thumbs Up

Trunks and Goku Black

Overall, this is a solid release from SH Figuarts. As with a lot of their newer releases, there are some gripes about shading and some limitations on joints, but the gripes cannot outweigh that this is a great figure. For me, this figure ranks almost as high as the recent Goku release, but definitely exceeds that one with the accessories.

If you are a collector, then you should pick this one up. I say that even if you have the original Trunks or the Premium Color Edition Trunks. Both of those are great (the Premium Color Edition got the shaft on accessories compared to the original) but this figure is completely different, while still having the same overall look.

As always, questions and comments are welcomed! Thanks for reading.


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