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Hey guys, Just Josh back with an SH Figuarts knock-off review. This figure is made by the Chinese company, Demoniacal Fit and is called Scarlet Martial Artist on the box due to potential licensing issues. This figure is one that was greatly anticipated by a lot of Dragon Ball Z fans that were unable to acquire or afford the Kaiohken Goku that was released in 2017. I have to say, it is definitely not a great figure, but it is not a bad figure either.

Demoniacal Fit burst on to the scene with alternate head sculpts for the SH Figuarts 2.0 line. They added a clothing accessory for Tien (Tenshinhan) and an alternate head for Yamcha. This helped boost their popularity and soon enough, they had built a completely new figure in the form of Captain Ginyu. This figure was greeted with enthusiasm due to there not being a recent figure that was articulated and in the same spirit of the SH Figuarts line. It was a disappointment.

So, when this figure was shown, using the Goku 2.0 body mold, it was already deemed a figure worth watching and potentially buying. How could they go wrong when they basically copied the SH Figuarts figure and released as their own? Well, there are good and there are bad aspects of this figure. But first…

Scarlet Martial Artist

Box and Accessories

The box is really good. I think they did a great job in upgrading their production on this box. It looks a lot like the Special Event boxes for the recent re release of Vegetto, Cell and Broly. It feels solid and looks good when set beside the current SH Figuarts boxes. If you have read any of my reviews before then you know that I am not a fan of the new SH Figuarts boxes, but the Special Event boxes were actually really cool.

Scarlet Martial Artist Box & Accessories

The Kaiohken… I mean Scarlet Martial Artist comes with three faceplates. The first is the standard stern face, a yelling face, and one with his eyes looking off to the side with his mouth slightly open. These faces look good and peg in well. The quality is there when compared to an SH Figuarts figure.

He comes with three pairs of hands and two single right hands. The two right hands are the Instant Transmission hand and a waving or karate chop hand. The three pairs of hands are the martial arts pose hands, the open blast hands and the fist hands. Once again, the quality of the mold is there in line with SH Figuarts, despite this figure being a true knock-off.

Also included is a Kaiohken power up display and a stand that is meant to be put behind the character. I have to say, it looks pretty good. I like the lightning that is drawn into the bottom behind where the figure would stand. The shading of the different colors of pink and red are very clean and look good.

Overall, the box and accessories are more than acceptable of a knock-off figure. They are near what I might consider SH Figuarts level of quality.

Goku 2.0 Body Mold

This figure uses the Saiyan Raised on Earth Goku 2.0 body mold from head to toe. It is a direct copy of that figure with a few minor exceptions. The biggest noticeable difference in the mold is that the head sits lower on the neck. This is due to the peg being shorter than that of the SH Figuarts model.

Other differences are the kanjis on the front and back are different. On the Scarlet Martial Artist, the front kanji means turtle and is Master Roshi’s kanji and the kanji on his back means world king and is King Kai’s kanji. On the SROE Goku, he has the same kanji on the front and the back. His kanji means wisdom or enlightenment and is his own specific kanji.

Saiyan Raised on Earth and Scarlet Martial Artist


Saiyan Raised on Earth and Scarlet Martial Artist 2

Articulation and Color Scheme

Not surprisingly, the articulation is the same as the SROE Goku. Again, it is a direct copy with the exception of a few small details.

He is able to move his head down some, but due to the ball peg being shorter in the neck, the head cannot move up at all. It is limited by his hair. His head will rotate all the way around. The neck is on a ball peg and leans forward some.

The arms have the same butterfly joint and will come forward to allow more ability to pose. The will not cross the chest like some other figures. They will rotate a full 360 degrees. The elbows are double-jointed and will go a bit better than 90 degrees. There is also a bicep swivel.

The chest and waist are on separate pegs. The chest will raise up and allow a good range of motion to lean forward or back. The waist will swivel back and forth some.

The legs will do a full front and rear split. They will also do a fair side-to-side split. The knees are double-jointed and will go back a good amount. The ankles are on a ball peg and have decent front and back motion. They also have some rocker ability. The feet do have toe hinges but on my figure they are stuck.

The color scheme is that of Kaiohken Goku. The skin and gi are saturated in a reddish color to give the impression of the Kaiohken power up in use. The blue parts have been shaded in brown to reflect this also. This includes the undershirts, boots, wristbands and belt. The yellow on his boots have been shaded in red. His hair has taken on a more brownish color due to the saturation of the red on black.

Overall, the paint is clean and it looks good. One area that definitely shows a paint difference upon inspection is the molded skin color on the body at the neck and the neck piece itself. They are two different colors. It is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it, but once it is seen, it is hard to ignore.

What Could Have Been Better

In reality, the only things that could have been better are very small in comparison to the typical knock-off figure. I call this a knock-off figure because it is a nearly exact replica of a current SH Figuarts figure. I don’t believe it can be considered a third-party figure due to the fact that it is not an original mold or design.

First off, the color of the skin on the body at the neck and the neck piece itself could have been better matched. This is a typical problem with molded pieces and painted pieces in the SH Figuarts line, so it does get a small pass.

Secondly, the quality control could have been better. The right leg on my figure does not swivel at the thigh very well and tends to separate from the figure. It is easily snapped back in, but it is a matter of time before it breaks completely. Also, the toe articulation is non-existent because the toe hinges are stuck. This should have been caught upon inspection before boxing.

Leg Popped Out

Lastly, for a knock-off figure that is a direct copy, they made one big mistake. The neck peg is too short to properly place the head on the neck. Its articulation is affected by this. On the original, the ability to look up is also minimal, but on this one it is non-existent. Besides this, the neck looks like it is too short for the figure.

Overall, for a third-party knock-off, this figure is rather good.

Lasting Impressions

Despite this figure having some issues, it is a good figure. Now wait a minute, I said good, not awesome or great. This figure tries to pass itself off as a contender for the SH Figuarts line but it misses the mark. It does do a lot of good things, but this is mostly because it is a direct copy, rendering it nearly impossible to screw up badly.

Some may argue that other knock-offs are really direct copies of the official figures that they are trying to copy, so how can this figure really be better? Well, this figure is. I have bought knock-off copies of the SDCC Vegeta in the original anime colors and the Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Both of those figures were trash. The arms fell apart, the faces didn’t fit, the joints were loose and exposed and the likeness was way off when compared to the official figures. This figure could be a low quality SH Figuarts Kaiohken Goku.

If this figure catches your eye and makes you want it, then by all means, go for it. It is worth buying, but not for more than $30 to $45. I have seen them as high as $75 on eBay. Don’t buy it at that price, it is not worth that. If you are going to spend that kind of money on this figure, you might as well get something you really wanted that is worth $75.

As for me, I am glad that I got it, but at a low price. It is a nice addition to my collection, but not something that I couldn’t live without.


As always, questions and comments are welcomed. Thanks for reading!


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