DBZ SH Figuarts Goku – A Saiyan Raised on Earth Review

This is a review for the DBZ SH Figuarts Goku – A Saiyan Raised on Earth. This figure is a redesign of a previous release of Goku in his base form. A lot of improvements have been made to the original figure which is great for those of us that love to collect DBZ SH Figuarts. There are some letdowns when comparing this figure to the original base form Goku that was released in 2014, but in the end they do not detract from the quality of the figure.

  • Overall Quality – 9/10
  • 5 1/2 Inches Tall
  • Multiple Face and Hands to Swap
  • Fully Articulated Action Figure
  • Purchase at Amazon.com
Demoniacal Fit Goku Blue

Dragon Ball Z is still a very popular series, although it was originally released in 1989. It has enjoyed numerous runs on TV and releases on DVD, Blu-ray and digital downloads. There have been many games released on different consoles that allowed fans to play as their favorite characters and continue to enjoy this popular anime series. The toy industry capitalized upon the fan base and released several lines of DBZ through Irwin, Jakks and Bandai. Bandai made all of these other toys seem like, well, toys when they released their SH Figuarts line in late 2010, with Piccolo. Upon a positive reception, other figures were quickly put into production and released.

The Dragon Ball Z SH Figuarts line has become extremely popular with collectors and enthusiasts alike. These figures represent a superior type of action figure that is meant to be displayed in a variety of ways to simulate or recreate action scenes from the series, Dragon Ball Z. If you don’t feel like recreating scenes, you could always just pose them in various ways and display as you like. Most of the figures come with a lot of accessories, ranging from extra hands for different poses to extra heads or different hair styles to energy effects and stands.

One thing to note about this figure is that there is a company called Demoniacal Fit that produces a Super Saiyan Blue head sculpt with a few extra faces that are intended to be used with this figure.

Box and Accessories

The new boxes are rather bland when compared to the older boxes. Don’t misunderstand, they look great, giving us multiple pictures of the figure throughout the front, top, bottom, one side and back. When compared to the older box, which had this neat dot matrix or stippling style design of the character’s faces and vibrant coloring throughout the box, rather than one open plastic side, these new boxes just feel lazy. The older boxes had more clear pictures of ideas for poises where the new boxes have smaller, more incomplete pictures of poses. Gone is the big, in your face exclamation of the character’s signature phrases. I prefer the older boxes.Goku 2.0 Box 1

Let’s talk accessories…where are they? This is one of the most serious letdowns of the release of version 2.0 Goku. Version 1.0 Goku in his base form came with 5 sets of hands (fists, karate chop, open palm blast, gripping/Kamehameha and kung fu), an instant transmission hand, 5 faces (stern, open-eyed happy, closed-eyed happy, scared and yelling) and a charging Kamehameha effect. There may have been a few fans that bought the original base form Goku and thought, “that’s too many accessories, I’ll never use them all.” But, I doubt it. Comparatively, version 2.0 Goku base form has 3 sets of hands (fists, gripping/Kamehameha and kung fu), an instant transmission hand, a waving hand (or karate chop hand, however you want to use it) 4 faces (stern, teeth gritting, yelling and happy) and that’s it.

Version 1.0 base form Goku was a superior release when you consider the effects/accessories. In my opinion, the box was also much better. This again, does not detract from the quality of either figure. Both figures are very high quality and worth owning.

Updated Design With Classic Look

Version 2.0 Goku is an awesome figure. Some people may complain that there is not enough shading, and point taken, but I think that considering the fact that this figure got so much right, well, shading is a moot point.

To start, the boots are anime accurate. Version 1.0 base for Goku had yellow cords around the boots and red striping up the middle and around the boots. This was not correct, but was really a minor flaw considering the quality of that figure when it was released. This time around, they gave us what we wanted, anime accurate boots (colors are flipped, red cords and yellow striping).

The faces are really great. The happy face is easily the best face that has been produced. There is also a face that looks off to the side with teeth gritted, a stern face, and a yelling face. The sculpts are done with great detail and really look a lot better than the original release. I do wish that they included a scared face for this release.

The hair sculpt is really good, as well. While the original release was amazing, this one is has a hair sculpt that makes the original appear a bit awkward. I think that the spikes for Goku’s hair were done very well and look great from any angle.

The body sculpt is probably the best that they’ve done for Goku. They used the 2.0 body sculpt that was introduced with the Awakening Goku release. They removed the awkward looking overhang on the old shoulders where they met the bicep. The waist and torso have separate articulation and can be posed more dynamically than the original release. The pants sculpt is improved and appears more like I’d expect a bunched up gi to look like when tucked into boots. There are some complaints about how the new knees look on the 2.0 figures, which I don’t really agree with. I think that they look fine for all purposes.

Also, included on this figure is a kanji that represents Goku’s name, meaning “wisdom” or “enlightenment.” There is a small one on the front and a larger one on the back. This one is painted on with a gray background as opposed to the 2015 SDCC Goku which had a white background. This was a great addition as it was sorely missed on the original release.


This Goku is able to be posed in just about any way that you’d like. The head is on the standard ball peg with a hinge at the neck. The neck has some articulation. The shoulders are still on a butterfly joint with a ball peg and hinge. They have some limitation to how far they straight up from the body, but it is acceptable. The upper arms have a bicep swivel and the elbows have more than 90 degree articulation to them. The wrists are on a ball peg which is more than acceptable. Goku 2.0 Kamehameha

The body has a ball peg that can be stretched out and a hinge at the top for articulation. The hips are the updated design that are more aesthetically pleasing, and still allow a lot of articulation. The old hips may have had a bit more poseability, but they did not look this nice.

The legs have a thigh swivel and can be moved far enough front and back to do the splits. Side-to-side articulation of the legs is a bit more limited, but can be stretched to about a 90 degree angle from each other, allowing for great kicking poses, as well. The ankles have the standard ball peg and there is a toe hinge.

One thing to note that was a pleasant surprise was that the belt is articulated. It is able to be spun around on a peg to accommodate the pose that Goku is in.

What Could Have Been Better

Well, it is hard to come up with a lot of negatives to such a well-done figure, but there are a few. Some I have mentioned a bit above concerning the articulation of certain parts. Even those are minor complaints, but they exist.

The biggest complaint is the lack of accessories. I would have gladly paid a few bucks more to get a scared face, a set of open blast hands and a Kamehameha energy effect. For the price point that this figure was released, I can understand why they were not included. When you compare the price point of this figure and the Awakening Goku (that release had 3 faces and 5 hands) these accessories could have been added and the price could have been slightly higher than the Awakening Goku. Still, not a major complaint if you have the version 1.0 Goku, as well.

One wish of mine that I knew what not going to be a reality was a Super Saiyan head. Again, it would not have been too much to ask for, just one head and 2 faces (the original Super Saiyan Goku only had 2 faces, so not too much to ask for). It would have been nice to have one figure that could be either of those forms (SSGSS Goku included a base head and a blue haired head).

Overall A Great ReleaseGoku 2.0 Waving

SH Figuarts does not usually release complete duds but there are some figures across the Dragon Ball Z line and others that really could have been done much better or tweaked to improve some aspects. This Goku is not one of them. Seriously, what a great figure. I have a lot of different SH Figuarts figures and this is easily one of the best overall releases. There is very little that was done with this figure that I’d change, and that’s saying a lot when compared to some other releases.

If you are an action figure collector, a fan of models, a Dragon Ball Z fan or know someone that is…then go and buy this figure while it is still relatively inexpensive. As with most collectible action figures, they tend to increase in price and value as the in-store inventory is depleted and there are only secondary vendors or individual sellers available to choose from.

If you are a fan of this figure, you may want to check out more of the SH Figuarts line. Click on the links throughout for some great figures.

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8 Responses

  1. Teri says:

    Very interesting read!

  2. Chris says:

    thanks for this great review! I think this figure is really cool. I see what you mean about the lack of shading, but I think that you are right to conclude that overall this is a great figure and a worthy upgrade on the original. Do you know where I could get hold of one?

    • Just Josh says:

      Thanks for the comment!  If you’d like to pick up one of this figure, click on any of the highlighted links in the text, I have also included a link for the Awakening Goku which is also a great figure!

  3. Bex says:

    I really enjoyed reading your in depth review of DBZ SH Figuarts Goku – A Saiyan Raised on Earth.  I have a 7 year old son who loves these figures and the well thought out and descriptive breakdown has really added value for me in terms of relating and connecting with interests my little dude has.  It is amazing to me, the level of art and detail and construction that these figures encompass and I am very impressed with your post and will bookmark it for further content as you seem to be very well educated on the subject. Thank you!

    • Just Josh says:

      Thank you for the comment!  I love these figures as does my son.  I tell them they are models and to be posed and looked at, and then we play with the cheaper Dragon Stars series or older Jakks or Irwin series Dragon Ball Z figures.  I don’t recommend this figure for a 7 year old to play with, but it will make his day to be able to display him in various forms.  You should look into Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars series if you want action figures for him to play with, they are usually about $20 when released.

  4. Brenda says:

    My son and my nephews watched Dragon Ball Z a lot when they were smaller. While reading this post I showed him the picture of  Goku and I asked him if he knew who it was, of course he remembered. He also reminded me of the times when he used to watch DBZ. Awesome review, Goku is a popular figure so i’m sure people will love this updated version and will want to buy for thier children who are fans of DBZ.

    • Just Josh says:

      Thanks for the comment!  I think it is amazing that DBZ has managed to stay popular among kids who grew up in the 80s through kids of today.  It is more than just a show about fighting and good vs evil, there are elements in it that make it timeless.

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